Thursday, 22 March 2012

Discuss how you used genre in one of your products

The media production I am going to write about in relation to genre is my foundation portfolio which is my music magazine. The genre of the magazine is a hybrid between hiphop and RnB this broadened my creativity as my magazine was a hybrid between two genres which can gel together however did limit me as i had to stick with the generic conventions relating to hip hop and RnB.
This was done because the target audience can easily be recognised and they can also easily recognise and differentiate the magazine and genre, for example, hip hop culture can be related with flashy cars, baggy clothing and voyeurism. Steve Neal argues that ‘genre is a repetition with an underlying pattern of variations’ which meant that certain of generic conventions had to be repeated which in my case was the artists used, their clothing and language used. This pattern of variation helps distinguish my magazine's music genre throughout the magazine.

The shots I have taken for the front cover were a low angle shot which shows empowerment of the artist. Inspiriation from Jay-Z on the NME front cover, I used this camera angle as a tool to show power to the artist as it looks like he is looking down on the reader. This is more conventional in Hip hop magazines as the artists are predominantly male and have machismo ideology of being dominant. This can also portray a role model type person as they are lookinig up to the artist on the front cover. My magazine was targeted towards the younger generation therefore they would look up and inspire to be like the artist and may also relate to his culture.

Genre is also shown through the props the artist has and the clothing he wears. Baggy clothing and 'Dre Beats' headphones are part of a hiphop culture. His Graffiti top with London spelt in slang , 'LDN', shows he is part of a subculture and not part of mainstream artists who wear smart clothing. His belt of a lady posing reinforces voyeurism as it sexually exploits females which is a common generic convention used by most hiphop artists that we studied including music videos such as Jay-z 'On to the next one' where a female in the background is posing.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Media text rely on cultural experiences in order for audiences to easily make sense of narratives’ Explain how you used conventional or experimental narrative approaches in one of your production pieces

My foundation portfolio had no narrative in it as it was a magazine therefore I will be discussing how I used conventional and little experimental narrative devices within my advanced portfolio. For this piece, me and my partner created a music video for "Rolling in the deep" by linkin park (cover of adele).

Me and my partner began our project by researching conventional music videos with a relationship between lyrics and visuals. We first analysed "On to the next one" by Jay-z which was a great example for Goodwins theory lyrics and visual relationship.He argued that the visuals on a music video was an extension of the lyrics and through the video, the lyrics could be amplified. From this analysis we chose a powerfull, popular ballad, Rolling in the deep which has strong lyrics we can portray into a narrative with a protagonist and their partner.

With this we had a fragmented narrative within our music video wich is a conventional device according to vernallis, which switched back and forth from performance to narrative. We used a sepia effect to show that the narrative is in the past and the link between visuals and lyrics were really amplified through our narrative due to the protagonists actions.

This can also be related to film narratives as films have different stages of equilibrium. Our music video also went through three stages, the first when the couple are together, the second when they split up disrupting the equilibrium and then the third when they go there seperate ways living happy apart, creating a whole new equlibrium. 

We used a range of shots which were an experimental narrative device but worked to our advantages. We had an over the sholder shot of the protagonist looking down at a memento of him and his girlfriend.  This was to show empathy for the protagonist.

Monday, 5 March 2012

How might the influence of new media be said to strengthen or weaken the public sphere

The public sphere is a theory Habermas argues that the realm within social life in which public opinion can be formed and which is accessible to all. This may raise questions such as what purpose does the public sphere serve or what is needed for its success. However some argue and criticise his theory.

According to Habermas the public sphere has been somewhat weakend. He argues that the public sphere has been diluted in a time of advanced capitalism and mass media. This is because it is no longer for a public spere made up of private citizens to engage in critical debate likely to have consequences for politic, culture or even sport.

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